Homegrown Terror Camps - America's Prisons and Jails

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Homegrown Terror Camps - America's Prisons and Jails

Post  Yoke on Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:53 pm

Attention regarding prisoners suffering and dying wrongly in America's custody focus on people "over there."
President Obama signed an executive order to terminate torture in the War on Terror determent camps. While human rights for prisoners is prioritized, people should take a look closer to home. Conditions are nearly as abuse and deadly in some correctional facilities within America as those in the War on Terror determent camps. See for yourself at this link.

(Beware - graphic violence, nudity, and death)

Torture in American Prisons


Here is what we're doing to try to channel some of the concern for prisoners homeward:

Human Rights for Prisoners March - May 16, Atlanta


Last night I read part of an article published March 2009 regarding China's detainees:

China: Hundreds of Tibetan Detainees and Prisoners Unaccounted For at this link:

Like Martin Luther King said, "if I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand" prisoners going "missing" like those in the article above. But the same thing happened to my handicapped brother right here in America, and my family has gotten the same accountability as the families of those hundreds of Tibetan detainees who went "missing" in the custody of Communist China - NONE, despite 5.5 years of asking police, Shelby County Jail in Memphis, The Cochran Firm, the courts, and the USDOJ, which has the responsibility of protecting the civil rights of institutionalized persons in America, "What did y'all do to Larry Neal, and why?"


Although I applaud and share the alarm over those men and boys who were tortured in overseas determent camps America runs, I hope that everyone who reads this will also give a thought to the secret prison and jail deaths and abuses of your fellow countrymen, whose families are then treated like enemies and terrorists for asking about them. Just Google "secret jail deaths," and you will see how frequently it happens inside America to fellow citizens, and those accounts that you read about are only the ones that finally got reported.

Larry Neal's secret arrest and death would never have been publicized at all had his family not done it on the Internet under great censorship (which yet prevails in mainstream media) and numerous threat to our safety, which are apparently sanctioned by the government, since police reports are ignored.

There is much censorship to overcome even in writing about Larry's death online. For instance, Care2 membership is very beneficial, and the Care2 News Network helps significantly to publicize information about the plight of mentally ill prisoners and other prisoner issues, and about the quest for justice for Larry Neal. Therefore, it must be outside cyberstalkers responsible for some of the interesting things that happen, i.e.,

Obviously, having a creed of "equal justice for all" is inconvenient for people who wish to get rid of American citizens under secret arrest, and so are family members and prisoner activists who inquirie about those victims.

Mary Neal
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Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
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