A voice from Death Row.

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A voice from Death Row.

Post  Yoke on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:53 pm

Rickey stay at Florida, they are not allowed on net, if anyone would like to write with rickey, please ask Yoke his address.

Death row Speaks.

Hi To all, my name is Rick, Im presently on death row in America, I wanted to say that, To those of you who believe and know, that change is possible, from the worst circumstances, and individual behaviors, with the proper ,tools, support and individual will power.
Despite all the things in our society today, that persuade us, not to believe in the best of human beings or humanity in general.
There are reasons for hope, and each of us can make a difference, dismissing the fears, that have in recent years, been drum into our psycho.
Yes, I firmly believe that individual responsibilities are essential, to the health e best welfare of our selves e society at large and that rule of laws must be there and adhere to, yet, we must never forget that as human beings, we all fall short, of perfection, that we can, do better, save e preserve life, perpetuate our best virtues and highest qualities as human beings to each other.
It is not naïve to think that Caring,Kindness,Compassion,or Love e forgiveness is Weakness,Hate,Anger revenge, all the negatives that we perpetuate to and on to others, only devalue ourselves.
I sit here in a prison on death row, having experience, the hardest day’s and nights, of Loneliness,Shame,Regrets,hopelessness,Dispair and Desire for an end, and yet The Courage to believe as so many of you, whom have prisons within you on lives, to believe in Hope And to Believe in a spiritual force GOD,CHRIST,ALLAH,JEHOVAH or whom ever you chose to believe, will give you strength and comfort to overcome.
I am here to say to you, we are within our selves, capable of being Angels to each other, cause we are able to LOVE and FORGIVE our enemies and assist our fellow beings so where ever they are, they can become better through your acts of kindness,care,communication,compassion and Love, if we are to save life’s as we so often hear our leaders e spiritual advisors say, than we, as individuals must never believe that, Hope is Lost, to those whom have fallen.
They we need your hand, in friendship, in caring and voices against the cycle of perpetuate violence, as in state sponsor killing and random senseless violence in our streets.
As we see, some of the worse, behaviors can come forth from human beings.
Then believe, that our best also can come forth, those of us, whom have, are live in the way’s of violence, have to be the leaders to the young and ignorant, to non violence-
Stop the river of Tears from Fallen, from Mothers,Fathers,Brothers,Sisters,Wives and Husbands, whom are its victims of hate and violence.
Truth, shall set you Free and Persistence is never a lost couse,when you Care, you Love life and know it,(us) have the best to offer it, when we save Preserve, Protect, Nurture all life.
Even those whom we deem despicable and deservising our condemnation.
They to are HUMAN, fallen men, and women whom are capable of CHANGE, saving lives, giving HOPE,ENCOURAGING the fallen, to ascend to the highest virtures deep within.
I’s in our powers, forget not those men and women, whom need you,COMPASSION,KINDNESS,FRIENDSHIP and FORGIVENESS.
The best of us in us can make a different in the lives of those lost,fallen,without hope, without reason to believe and lost faith in a higher spiritual force GOD,CHRIST,ALLAH or JEHOVA.
I am a believer that through GOD all things are possible, I am a testament of that, cause without the support of friends, surviving and learning to be human in a place that, is design and doing well trough vehicles of other human being, to degrade, dehumanize humiliate and destroy all sense of humanity in a man or women in prison and on death row.
Life, does rise through the ashes and seemly waste less earth.
I say friends, fellow human beings, PLANT A POSITIVE SEED IN THE HEARTS AND SOULS of those in need, of NEW START ,NEW DISCOVERY ,and those of old long friendship in your lives out there in society, as well.
Remember, prison isn’t just physical, it’s a lot more, and many of our Brothers,Sisters fellow human beings are captives in circumstance adversities in their lives, ANGEL’S do exist.
BECOME ONE to those who are in need,DESPITE the perception and distortion, there are men and women whom are not all social path and psychological monsters, whom are warehouse in prison or condemn as evidence of numerous of proof of actual innocence and reform’s in behaviors,personalities,characters for nothing is more monstrous,mean,hate full than the deliberate attempts to dehumanize, and deny individuals-friendship and companionship.
Be an ANGEL make an impact, in someone’s life, HELP them to LIVE.
Speak out against man’s inhumanity and state sponsor killings in your names.

For any response to my voice here, you can reply, leave here a private message, with you address, for direct correspondence, if you so desire to share with Rick your thoughts,ideas,opinions,or interest.

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