The First 30 hours out of prison do this .

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The First 30 hours out of prison do this .

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The First 30 hours out of prison do this
The First Thirty Hours
Ex-Offenders-Bureau of Prisons
Benefits Available to former Inmates
(Including those in a halfway house)

Social Security Office
Welfare Department

What do I do?
Who do I talk to?
Where do I go?

Go immediately to the Social Security office and ask to speak to a counselor so that you can apply for Social Security Insurance Emergency Supplement Benefits of $1,500.00. Explain that you are emotionally and mentally unprepared to hold a job. Show them your parole or release papers in order to prove that you are just out of prison.

Note: You should receive that check within 24 hours.

While at the office, fill out the necessary forms for the $310.00 Mandatory Disability Benefit for every Month You Were Incarcerated. Now go to the nearest welfare office and apply for General Relief. Again, show them you Parole or mandatory Release Papers as proof that you are just out of prison. Tell them you need financial assistance immediately. A check should be issued to you within two hours. It should be approximately $150.00. Do not forget to get your food stamps while you are there. Be sure to obtain your $110.00 a month. While you are there be sure to obtain your Medical Card for health benefits.

Note: This can be used at any doctor or dentist office.

Go to the State Rehabilitation Center, where you can apply for various Federal Funded Loans and grants.

If you want to start a small business, make a list of the approximate costs of all the equipment you will need (tools, work clothes, etc.) and estimate for about how much operating cash you will need to start up the business until it begins to make a living for you. They may loan up to $150,000.00.

If you need to be BONDED for employment by a private employer, you can obtain the bond form at any U.S. District Court, or go to the Probation and Parole Department. It should take less than an hour to have a validated form in your hands.

Supplication Social Income (S.S.I.) can best be described as a form of welfare that is paid through the Social Security Office.
This is different from Social Security Benefits there is no need to qualify as far as your past income is concerned. YOU AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFY FOR S.S.I. because you are unemployed and considered disabled. Be sure that you understand the situation concerning you disability. FEDERAL LEGISLATION, AT THIS TIME, DOCUMENTS RECOGNITION THAT YOU ARE AN EX-OFFENDER TO THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE AN EMOTIONAL PROBLEM. Basically the government has declared that had you not had this emotional problem you would have been able to conform to the rules of society, thus preventing your commission of a federal crime. Regardless of whether or not you feel, or accept the fact that you as an ex-offender, do in fact have this emotional problem, it is considered by BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE REHABILITATION COMMISSIONS TO BE A DISABILITY, ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT POLICIES, MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL PROBLEM CONSTITUTES A 100% DISABILITY. And you will be considered to have this disability.

The whole purpose of Supplemental Social Income, S.S.I. is to help you as a re-entry released ex-felon by relieving part of the extreme pressures you will be facing as you re-enter society, and try to re-establish yourself as a productive member of your community.
After your release, you as a parolee, or otherwise, will qualify for assistance of up to $310.00 per month.

Although you do qualify, you will only be able to receive your S.S.I. benefits payable quality. Also, you can qualify for S.S.I. benefits while you are still in prison waiting to be released. You by law have only 30 hours after you are released to reach the nearest social security office and submit your application. It is necessary that you take the required steps before your release dates and apply for these benefits or you will lose the opportunity to take advantage of S.S.I. So 60 days prior to your release date, send in your application to be processed. You should have a check waiting for you in the amount of $930.00.

Supplemental social income is covered under the United States Law U.S.C. 1383;20 CFR 416 305.
1.) Ninety (90) days before release, write a letter to the social security office where you live. They will send you a five question application. Fill it out as accurately as possible, and then return it to them.
2.) When your application is processed, you will get a check for three months totaling $930.00 at $310.00 each month.
3.) You can also call the food stamp office hot line and get $80.00 worth of food stamps when you go to the department of social services. Also, you can apply for the full food stamp grant. This would bring the total to $160.00.
4.) You are qualified because you are on S.S.I. The welfare department will automatically send you a $228.00 per month for financial assistance and utilities. S.S.I. is the same in each state.
a.) Go to the department of vocational rehabilitation because you are on S.S.I.
b.) A convicted felon is a depressed minority. You also qualify for a certain benefits package. The
amount of the package id $1,900.00 to be needed for a down payment on a car, The car must be needed to get back and forth to work.
c.) Also, you receive a $300.00 check for the clothing for your job, and another $400.00 for street clothes, and finally a $400.00 check for tools. THESE ARE GRANTS, NOT LOANS. So they don't have to be paid back.
5.) S.B.A. (small business loan) has programs for ex-offenders. You are qualified to receive a Small Business Administration loan of up to $50,000.00 This loan is given away in the case of S.S.I. business pursuits, and it would be called a STARTER loan. Also, the S.B.A. will provide professional assistance to help you plan employment. You must be bonded for this loan. The federal H.C.W. will bond for free if no other organization will. S.B.A. percentages are low, and for two reasons: 1) You are an ex-offender. 2) business loans are less of a risk than conventional loans.
6.) Once you have S.S.I. you an qualify for a loan of up to $5,000.00 from any bank in the area. The loan is guaranteed by the federal government and must be paid.

a) $310.00 for three months
b) $220.00 per month
c) $150.00 per month

a) $1,900.00 for auto expenses
b) $300.00 for work clothes
c) $400.00 for casual clothes
d) $400 for needed tools.

Apply for:
S.S.I. Income S.S.A. 8001-F.8. 8/88
S.S.I. Income S.S.A. 8000-Book 1/118788
S.S.I. Income S.S.A. 3668-Book 1/89

Disability Report # S.S.A. 3668-F.G.3/82
Vocational report # S.S.A.-16-FG 7/89
Disability Insurance # 6-5-25 9/81

Fill out forms and turn them in.

6) While at S.S>I. for law rev. 74-29-105
Fax a copy to regional Director/ you are eligible for $310.00 month for every month you are locked up.
Go to the department of vocational rehabilitation services-(get form CRW-72-1007 if you have a trade use this form, make a list of tools needed for trade and return form. You can get up to $1,500.00 for tools, and $900.00 start up money.

7.) The target job tax program will pay employers half your wage and give them $3,000.00 tax write off for the first year of your employment and $1,500.00 for second year.

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