The Forgotten Men Committee ,ANGOLA prison,lOUISIANA

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The Forgotten Men Committee ,ANGOLA prison,lOUISIANA

Post  Yoke on Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:30 am

The Forgotten Men Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you that have taken the time to read our web information, and especially those that responded to our requested needs. It doesn’t stop here, we need you to write again, until you get some responses, and we need you to get family and friends involved.

The state of Louisiana has more than one thousand people in one of its prisons that have served more than 25 years, 80% of which have long since stop being a threat to society. This prison only has 5.100 or so prisoners, making one of every five have already served a quarter century. I hope that you all realize how much “HOPE” you are giving to the men in here. I read some of the responses to them, and there were tears in their eyes. And this is from men that have been locked up for 10, 15, 20 and 30 years. Louisiana just allowed a man to go home after more than 40 years, and this man is known as Bishop Tannerhill whom a number of outside forces begged the Governor to sign an already favorable Pardon Board recommendation, even though the Governor had denied it earlier. There are many more “bishops” in Angola, yet there is no one else to help urge the Governor. That is why the taxpaying citizen must step up.

Our next step is to try an mobilize our family and friends in Louisiana, to a point of creating a Voter Strong Hold (VSH). The purpose of this is to have organized rallies in any and every city that we could. We will have representatives in a number of cities, who’s number will be made available to every one that will take part in the rally. From this point each rally would be coordinated to occur at the same approximant time, this would then allow us to bring in the media, by way of:
1. having them come to each area
2. going to CNN’s I-reports
3. using local news stations, video phone line etc.
While explaining to them that this is going on all over the State.

For more information write me at:
Willie Williams 92830
Camp C Bear 2
La. State Penitentiary
Angola, LA. 70712

Most appreciation for all the signs and divine cause’s

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