.A story to Tell from the Advocator.Part 1.

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.A story to Tell from the Advocator.Part 1.

Post  Yoke on Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:30 am

In recent years it has been said,” what good can come out of nothing ?”
Now that’s a good question.
But it depends on what a person is looking for to gain out of nothing.
In this quest of what we call life has many disappointments.
We try to survive in a world with so many twists and turns to where sometimes it seems endless.
Sometimes trying too hard may end up in the grave or the penitentiary.

Now that I am here in the penitentiary, my goals are to change on how some people view a confined person based upon a traditional standpoint.
My goals are predicated on giving something back, i.e, giving something back to society.

The things I’ve gained while being incarcerated has produced an achievement in such a way that has given me the intelligence and intellect to share with the world on how I’ve been transformed into a rational thinking, autonomous, human being.

It goes without saying, the many things I’ve accomplished in my fifteen years along with serving a life sentence.
But if anyone desire to be inquisitive, may the documents speak for itself.

Also along my plight I’ve come to know a few inmates such as Terry Johnson, who’s quest is directed in the same direction as mine.
He too has that eagerness to prove we’re not all dysfunctional.
Being classified as one of society’s worst can stigmatize a person for the rest of his/her life.

But Thanks to the so many avenues a person can take.

Again Terry Johnson has ventured into unconventional directions that it is so remarkable in reference to avenues of success.
He too has gained some connection with the outside world.
In his diligent efforts he has received a tremendous outreach of concerned citizens across the U.S and from abroad.
It goes without saying I’m thankful that there’s still a few who’s still hanging in there to speak on whatever that needs to be spoken.
In our course of action, we are speaking out on what’s been published and printed.

All that is written will be based on facts and quoted verbatim.

Before I end, I would also like to mentioned Ms.Yoke Jaken , a friend of Terry Johnson, she’s also a loving and humorous individual whose efforts has paved the way for his outreach.

In summarizing, I hope and pray that I have touched someone who’ll contact me at my address:

Johnny Thompson. # 89353
Camp C. Bear # 3
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola Louisiana 70712

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