A Story to Tell : "JOURNEY", The Advocater,Part 2

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A Story to Tell : "JOURNEY", The Advocater,Part 2

Post  Yoke on Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:31 am


In my first story, I'd mentioned "I wanted to give something back".
Now, along with my second story called "Journey" I'll start with the laws of this fine state Louisiana and how its legislatures have tried to seek out enormous plans to en-lightened some of these same laws, wich has been effect.
Ever since, I've started wondering about Louisiana's politicans, I became intrigued.
Si I think this is how my journey began.
First and foremost , Louisiana has that divine spiritual and mysticism about itself.
Second, it has a gravitational endowment.

But what about its promulgated laws ?
Laws that where designed by the legislative intent.
Some of their laws are strick with serious penalties or laws wich creates "SECOND CHANCE"
A second chance to reduce over crowded prison facilities !
There one law I'm certain that has been in existence at least fourteen years and as reported has made some success.
This law is 15:550.
First it started as a home incarceration device and now it has reached its all time peak under a new Statute.
Revised Statute 15:550, is generated for all violent offenders whose in custody of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections.
15:550 is also ment for home incarceration but only rehabilitated inmates will reap the harvest.
But who's to say whose "REHABILITATED " ??
Will certain perspectives judge on how these rehabilitated inmates are changed ??

I know I'm just an amateur when it comes to Louisiana's great politicians.
But my inquistiveness does allow me to wonder.
Wondering about whose really administering 15:550, properly ?
I know the Department of Public Safety and Corrections are given full discretion.
But how long will 15:550 last before it's activated enough for every inmate who's incarcerated under the Department of Public Safety and Corrections ??
Will DOC impliment this monitoring Electronic device to those who's classified as a rehabilitated inmate ??
Or allow this program to run out ??

I'm anticipated to know what will happen with this Program !!

Consequently, I can speak or say on behalf of rehabilitation this facility has chance and that's a fact.
When I see the way this facility's changing atmosphere has allowed all denominations to enter this facility it's self evidence that the inmates have some form of rehabilitation.
By this it will or should give the public or DOC some scense of direction to say:"Whose Rehabilitated"
but it is only my opinion on what I see.
Again, this is why I entitled this second part of "A Story to Tell" along with its subtitle "JOURNEY", to show it is exactly what this course has been a long Journey !

So I will conclude as of right now, but never GIVING UP to express my views.
In conclusion : I still would like to thank Ms.Yoke Jaken and my friend Terry johnson who has proven to be a rehalibitated and reformed individual.
In summarizing, I hope and pray I've touched someone !

"The Advocator" :
Johnny Thompson # 89353
Camp C.Bear # 3
louisiana State prison
Angola, Louisiana 70712.

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