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Hello I am Caresse1970

Post  Caresse1970 on Sat Apr 04, 2009 9:40 am

Hello All,

Well my name is Caresse1970 and I am one of the moderators of this forum and one of the volunteers of www.friendly-inmates.com. I am 38 years and I am also writing with a prisoner from Kentucky, USA.

Our close friendship

After staying home for a while because of a burn out, I had some sleeping problems and watched a program at night about pen pals and their inmates friends. That program got my attention because I saw there was a thruth friendship and even a love life came out of that friendship that intriged me. After that documentary, I was searching online if I could find myself a man who is encarserated and wants to write. Well there are plenty of websites with inmates and they come in all colors, shapes and their mistakes. I was not interested in what went wrong, because if that was the case, I can simply go to a chatroom and make friends online! I found one and I wrote him a silly letter with not much contence. I really didn't know how to start or what to say. Before I knew it, he wrote me back quick and not even 3 days later, there was another letter. It went so fast and I had a good feeling about him. Soon he asked me to call me, but I thaught, he is never gonna make it. I was in Europe and he in America. I thaught; to expensive! Well he called me and we spoke more than 20 min. Hel told me he makes $ 20,- a month of working in the gym. Well there was his money going on our phonecalls! I was ready for going to Florida, because that's what I always do in the fall time and he wrote me many times and our mail went quick. I bought myself a cellular phone and he called me there, many times a day for 15 min. I felt guilty, because he makes so much effort to call and write me, so helped him in payments for the phonecalls. That day I was flying back to Amsterdam. He called me on Orlando airport. Then when I arrived at Washington Dulles he called me again to tell me to have a save trip home. Well the next day I was home and felt far and away from him. I fell asleep because of the time difference, and he called me again to check if I arrived safely home. He is definately a true friend to me which I don't want to loose.


Now I have desided to visit him in november 2009. I have applied the special form application and I hope I will be approved.

Well this is about it Smile

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