REFORM and REHABILITATED,inmates serving LIFE TERMS.Sign please.

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REFORM and REHABILITATED,inmates serving LIFE TERMS.Sign please.

Post  Yoke on Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:11 pm

Sign at :

And at:

Targeting: Karl J Connor (The National Bar Association), Greg Worley (NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, Inc), National Black United Fund Inc (National Black United Fund Inc), your Governor, members of your State Senate, members of your State House, the President of the United States, members of the US Senate and members of the US House of Representatives

Started by: peace4al yoke

This petition which needs so many signatures as possible, from people who strongly support
REFORM and REHABILITATED inmates serving life terms, be placed in the electronic monitoring or furlough programs.

They need your voices to RING OUT LOUD for them as FORGOTTEN MEN.

The voice of Law abiding, working-class,tax-paying,voters,family and friends.

Just as the voice of the voters were heard during the attempted Legislative pay raise, they will be heard again.
Voters have always made a difference in getting Laws implemented

And they would greatly appreciate your assistance in performing the task at hand.

This is not just for them, this is for our state and our future.

They asking you to read, date and sign.

The petition going to the House Sub Committee on Crime,Terrorism and Homeland security.

If you are able to help them, please send this petition to your friends, family etc in and other state.
And national Official or ministers that will aid in this matter.

To House Sub Committee on Crime,Terrorism and Homeland security, a petition From Eligible Louisiana Citizens In Support of the Implementation of R.S 15:550 and R.S 15:833 (b) (1)

R.S 15.550, Approving of inmates convicted of a crime of violence as defined in 14 (2) and sentenced to a life-term to participate in Location Tracking and Electronic Monitoring Program.
Sub part (b) (1) of 15:833, authorizes the Secretary to grant Furlough es to deserving inmates of any adult correctional institution.

Both allows REFORMED inmates convicted of violent crimes as defined in 14 (2) to participate in these programs.

This would be greatly alleviate the State of its multi-million-dollar (burden) of caring for any offender who has shown to be no lonfer a threat to OUR Community.

Please give consideration to this resolution.


All inmates who's serving a life terms !!!!!!!!

Thank you all for signing our petition
God Bless You Al !!


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