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Police arrested another 25 people between April 2007 and July 2008 because they attended flag-raising events, helped organise them, and/or brought the Benang Raja flag to the event. According to all the available information, these events were peaceful.34

All 25 people are currently serving prison sentences of between six and 17 years. Amnesty

International is concerned that the charges brought against these 25 people appear to relate solely to the raising of a flag or attending an event where a flag was raised and as such would be a breach of the rights of freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly. Eleven of them ,35 were convicted of rebellion under Articles 106 and 110 of Indonesia’s Criminal Code.
As stated above, these articles should not be used to imprison people who have taken part in peaceful flag-raising events.

According to credible local sources, six of them, Jacob Supusepa (m), Johan Syaranamual (m), Pieter Latumahina (m), Melkyanus Syaranamual (m), Muladi Taihutu (m), Abner Litamahuputty (m), were beaten by police officials during arrest and pre-trial detention.

Credible local sources reported that at least three of them sustained some injuries as a result; it is not known whether they had access to adequate medical services.

To Amnesty International’s knowledge the Indonesian authorities have not initiated an independent investigation into the reports of torture and other ill-treatment of these detainees by police. The Indonesian government should as a matter of priority ensure prompt, thorough, and effective investigations by independent and impartial bodies into these reports and ensure that those found responsible are brought to justice, in proceedings which meet international standards of fairness.

Amnesty International considers all 25 people to be possible prisoners of conscience who should be released if they are currently detained solely for having taken part in peaceful political activities. The organization is seeking further information to confirm that they have been arrested solely on account of these peaceful activities.


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